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11. června 2012 v 21:51 | Anna |  Můj život
I'm sorry guys but I just feel like writing this in English..

So yeah. You all wanna know about the party. Well let me tell you - IT FREAKIN' SUCKED BALLS. We invited around 60 people, well only 25 said on facebook that they're coming.. But that's fine. Plus on Friday people were still coming to me at school and telling me they will be there.

ummm... NOT.

No one fuckin' came! There was like 13 people... From which i didn't know like 4. I was soooo pissed. You don't even know.. I wasn't talking to anyone, I wasn't having fun... Nothing. At one point I almost started crying just because it was so bad and I wanted to escape somewhere but I couldn't..

Yeah... And I know people noticed i was in a fucking bad mood but I didn't give a shit. And I realize I should've probably behaved differently, but WHATEVER. It was my fucking goodbye party! To fucking say goodbye to me! It still makes me super-mad when I think about it...

So yeah that's pretty much about it...

And then on Sunday I went to a cycling class with my host-mum in the morning... And now my butt hurts really bad. it was a pretty good excercise though - 45 minutes.

Tonight - Monday - I'm going to the gym again to a pilates class. I used to do pilates when I was like 14.. :D Ugh I can already see it how sore I will be after that! Wish me luck.

Love you all... And sorry to those who couldn't understand for some reason... :/ Next time in Czech again? :)


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1 bafiis bafiis | Web | 11. června 2012 v 23:59 | Reagovat

Sorry to hear that...and I thought people in America are fuckin' friendly! Bitches! Hit them in head with a hammer.

2 LamyLucy LamyLucy | 12. června 2012 v 0:26 | Reagovat

Awww I am so sorry.
I always felt like this with Americans, they promise you everything, even impossible stuff, but when it comes to it, they never make it happen ...
I am so sorry :( :( ... I know how much this meant to you ...
I hope you feel better now :**

3 Ela Ela | Web | 12. června 2012 v 9:39 | Reagovat

To mě mrzí, tě ti to tak dopadlo. :-(

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